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ZEA LIFE-GIVING pita bread whole grain (handmade)

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Artisan ancient grain ZEA LIFE-GIVING pita bread (whole grain), 5 ct, 7", 15.9 oz (450g) bag

  • 3.2oz (90g) per loaf
  • 5 loaves per bag

Handmade in Greece using our exclusive locally produced whole milled and stone ground ancient grain ZEA LIFE-GIVING wheat flour.

  • Authentic ancient whole grain Greek pita bread handmade in Greece with locally produced ingredients.
  • Grill it or toast it for 2-3 minutes (medium heat), turning once.
  • Enjoy it with extra virgin olive oil, as pizza base or wrap sandwich with your favorite ingredients, herbs and spices.
  • Keep frozen or refrigerated for maximum freshness.
  • Keep packaged until ready to use.
  • Read more about the ancient grain ZEA wheat from Greece here!
  • Watch the production story of our ZEA LIFE-GIVING pita bread here!

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